Saturday, 3 January 2015

Rap Kareoke? Working Nocturnal - Benny Diction featuring Disciple aka Spider Jaroo, Mista P & Solocypher

This is one of my favourite tracks I've been involved with and performing it live has been a highlight of my life in rap alongside hip hop fiends Jaroo, Benny and P. Thought I'd post it up to remind myself of the power of collaboaration and to inspire a lot more work in 2015.....and why the hell not, here's my verse written kareoke for you to rap along with....

The Boom Bap Exemplar
In Your Mardi Gras
Riding Harder than a Knight Templar
So Far I got the Good Kush
Read from the Good Book
Keep your whole Hood Shook
You got your Rook took
I look Messaic wanna try it?
Cause a riot
Im the pilot your a stewardess
Foreever def and stupid fresh
Sewers nest of vipers
Espcapee Sizzle Cypher
Heres a riddle for you misers
How big are my incisors?
Fucking huge dunny
But I aint long in the tooth
Just a fve mic veteran
So Im  strong in the booth
A bong and a brew,
Spend some old Wong on a suit
 I get chump change from chiefs
And shove my shlong in the roof
Of a marvelous mouth
Loose my marbles and bounce
I could gargle and ounce
Of Absynth and still pounce
On wrong word woefully wrong doing Wankers 
 Lizard salamanders
Useless as British Banker....

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


At last and after a lot of headaches the Elephantitus album project was completed in June 2014.
Stream and download it here.
Massive shouts to DJ279 who gave 'The Theme' (changed to The Anthem for album version) featuring my man Chima Anya it's first Radio Play on Choice FM, soon after we'd created the track.....over a year later and the album project was completed and another huge shout goes to Shay D & DJ Shorty who gave it a good full pull up at the top of thier very dope "LC" show on ITCH FM.

As part of the Fat Gold Chain crew we had a little celebration of the album release at The Red Lion in Shoreditch; a great party, look out for hopefully more FGC's and more performances of the album at a spot near you soon!

The Unstabilized Years

A highly lyrical outing; the Unstabalized project (click for full album download) emerged after a week staying with DJ Nifty back in Ipswich drinking beers and slamming together huge notebooks of rhymes accumulated from years in being in Brum with a selection of Nifty's bangingest beats. Although we're very pleased with the project, the rough edges meant we never really promoted it to the fullest; so now we take it back; download the whole album here or check out a few of the cuts. The artwork was also a headache; we finally settled on the Text mash up version but have included here a couple of my own, horrendous, original designs!

Bright Eyes from Solocypher on Myspace.

 Birmingham is a great city and I have many memories of the place as a student of university and hip hop. Rocking the Mic at Drop Beats Not Bombs, Heducation and Scratch Club to an audience who always appreciate lyrical content and alongside fearsome emcees; the city taught me a lot about life. The 'Unstabilized' album is a testament to that mixed in with the random verbal torrents of rap I was developing at the time.

Fat Gold Chain & London Town

Shouts to everyone who's repped alongside me on mics during my time in London since 2010; check the videos of me warming up for Homeboy Sandman as part of Fat Gold Chain and then as part of LeeN's Elite Cypher Leagues where underground emcees come to smash the mic down with freesyles and pre-writtens...coming in at 6:04 with a Guiness inspired freestyle!